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Carbon Neutral Pledge.png

With COP26 taking place in our backyard we decided it was time to become a carbon neutral bike team. 

Cycling solves so many problems and we know that elite road racing success has a direct impact on the number of people adopting the humble bike as a mode of travel. If we can inspire people to ride bikes instead of driving that would be great. 


Training and racing involves a lot of driving and travel, which in turn means a lot of fuel. From the 2022 season we'll track all of our fuel and look at any other things we do which create green-house gas emissions. We will do our best to reduce these through a bit of planning, We'll also take a look at other things we do that could create emissions directly or down the line. We will then purchase carbon off-sets to match our emissions calculations from Gold - we believe they back some fine offsetting projects.

We are new to this so will probably make mistakes at first. We won't create a massive impact on global emissions but we'll do our little bit for net zero by being a carbon neutral bike team. 

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