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A practical framework for continually improving high performance team culture

The Cycling Academy, in collaboration with students of the University of Edinburgh's High Performance Psychology MSc program, have developed a comprehensive model, workshop, and audit process for teams to cultivate a high-performance culture.


The 8 Pillar Model, originally proposed by Dr. Kristoffer Henrikson, provides a pragmatic framework for assessing and improving team dynamics. Our adaptation of this model, coupled with our experience in elite sport and athlete development, makes this approach particularly effective for teams seeking to optimize their performance.

We offer workshops, audits and a personalized approach to team development. By working directly with team members, we identify specific areas for improvement and tailor recommendations accordingly. Sharing findings with teams fosters open communication and encourages continuous improvement efforts.

The Cycling Academy's experience in developing young people in elite sport brings unique perspective and stories to team development. Our ability to draw parallels between elite sports and other organisations provides insights and inspiration for teams across various sectors.

 If we can help your organisation send us a message on the link below. As we say to our athletes... you can be world class at anything.

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