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Supporting Professional Pathways for Young

"... bridging to the break with the European and World Champions, I realised I could set myself a new level of performance ... now it's clearer what's required next. "

Archie Ellen - Ain Bugey Valromey -  Rhone Alps July 2022

In the last 28 years only two male Scottish Riders have made it to the Professional World Tour. There are currently 27 riders at that level from England and Wales. The Cycling Academy aim to re-dress that with a comprehensive development program for our amateur athletes.  Their next career step is to join a Continental or Pro Continental, UCI Classified Team. There are currently 2 teams in England in those classifications  and around 170 Teams in mainland Europe. In 2023 Europe will host around 50 UCI Junior Races and, as with previous years, there will be none in the UK.  

What this means is for young riders to develop they need to maximise their exposure to European racing and Teams if they are to develop a professional career path.  The Continental Apprentice Fund addresses this head on, supporting U19 and U23 athletes to attend key European and UCI races. It provides an opportunity for our Patrons to play their part in creating a new sporting legacy in the world's most beautiful sport. Aside from training that means getting in the team car and heading across the channel for blocks of racing where we can support great experiences for the boys.

Gregor McArthur dropped the peloton, including World Champion Mads Pederson, in this his first UCI race.
He held them off for 120km.
    Watch Highlights here...


Mainland Europe is where road cyclists come to compete. The majority of world class U19, U23 and Senior UCI races take place in France, Belgium, The Nethelands, Italy and Spain. Its also where the best professional teams recruit and operate with nearly 1000 riders on their books, compared to only a handful in the UK. Exposure to European racing is therefore a critical component of our riders' pro-pathway.


Costs for Scottish based riders competing in Europe are often twice as much as riders living in the south of UK.  This is reflected in the number of riders progressing to professional careers from different UK regions. The Continental Apprentice Fund is changing that, putting our young riders on the world stage. All funding goes directly into building an ambitious program.


 As a Patron you  are  playing a critical role in the next generation of world class riders, developed in Scotland and racing internationally.  Our athletes are already peers for other younger riders in a sport with proven links active travel, sustainability and positive health outcomes.

For any other requirments

  • Bronze Patron

    Every year
    Ideal for Individual Patron
    • Supports One Rider's EU Program for one Year
    • Quarterly Reports on Team Progress
    • Attribution on Fund Marketing Materials
    • Cycling Kit and Nutrition Discounts
  • Silver Patron

    Every year
    For Small Firms to make a Big Impact
    • Supports Two Rider's EU Program for One Year
    • Quarterly Reports on Team Progress
    • Attribution on Fund Marketing
    • Cycling Kit and Nutrition Discounts
    • Use of The Cycling Academy logos and Fund Logos's
    • Access to TCA Content Library for Digital Media
    • High Performance Psychology Workshop
  • Gold Patron

    Every year
    Ideal for larger firms ESG and CSR Programs
    • Supports Four Athletes Continental Program for One Year
    • Quarterly Reports on Team Progress
    • Attribution on Digital Media Reaching ~200,000 People pa.
    • Cycling Kit and Nutrition Discounts
    • Use of The Cycling Academy logo's and Fund Logo's
    • Access to TCA Content Library for Media
    • A High Performance Psychology Team Workshop
    • Training Plans for up to 10 Staff
    • Annual Ride Grand Fondo ride for Staff and Clients
    • Branding on Team Kit, Vehicles and Artefacts
    • Event and Corporate Marketing Collaborations
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